OpenSSL Vulnerability
Researchers have discovered another vulnerability that may occur on the servers which use OpenSSL last week. They announced that this vulnerability is related to the servers using OpenSSL and it has nothing to do with SSL certificates. To resolve the issue most current version of OpenSSL should be used. With this vulnerability, there is an open area which can be explored while checking root certificate chains. Thus, using a malicious software, hacker can reach to the server or the application by exploiting this vulnerability.

Why this vulnerability is important for me?

This vulnerability is important for the organizations using OpenSSL on their servers and in order to prevent this vulnerability they have to use the latest version of OpenSSL. The latest version of OpenSSL can be downloaded from the following link;

Also, the organizations use below OpenSSL version must update their OpenSSL immediately;

  • 1.0.2c
  • 1.0.2b
  • 1.0.1n
  • 1.0.1o

Is SSL Certificates will be affected by this vulnerability?

No. This vulnerability is not related to SSL certificates directly and it does not affect end-user or an SSL certificate.

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