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TURKTRUST Information Security Services Inc. as a subsidiary company of Turkish Armed Forces ELELE Foundation Company, was established in July 14, 2004 and has been registered with 12 million TL of capital on trade register in August 2, 2004. TURKTRUST, according to Electronic Signature Law no 5070, has successfully completed the work of the installation to serve as authorized electronic certification service provider (ECSP) and has started commercial operation on July 18, 2005 by taking the certificate of competence from Information and Communication Technologies Authority with the official ceremony. TURKTRUST provides secure electronic signature, qualified electronic certificates and time-stamping services under Law no 5070.

The most accurate way of the fulfillment of the function of the ECSP (certificate authority) that serves under E-Signature Law no 5070, is only possible by having full combination of these factors:

  • Authorization
  • Trust and reliability
  • Competence and expertise
  • Stability and continuity
  • Impartiality
  • Technical and Physical Infrastructure
  • Having documents
  • Corporate culture

TURKTRUST fulfills all services in the field of ECSP in the headquarters building in Ankara. Our office that is operating as a Regional Office in Istanbul, conducts working about all kinds of publicity, marketing, sales and import the certificate application process, and particularly the banking, financial sector and institutional structures with business development and integration in the field of electronic signature.

Electronic signatures, electronic certificates, time stamp, software and software components development activities in the field of public key infrastructure and information security, and e-signature integration studies are carried out in the R&D office in METU-Technopolis that located project and software engineers located.

TURKTRUST has the capacity to provide worldwide service with the proper international Standards by building the technical and physical infrastructure in the Head Quarters where TURKTRUST has the all property rights which is detached, 2500 m2 and 7 stories. TURKTRUST is the first and only national private property which developed all the necessary production and management software for e-signature, electronic certificate, and time stamping by its own equity capital and project engineers. TURKTRUST is working in order to export to have developed these private software and software components.

TURKTRUST, is not only operating as the authorized ECSP but also provides especially developed software and software components in the field of e-signature domestically and abroad. TURKTRUST is providing legally suitable "the secure e-signature and confirmation software" for personal users allowing user to sign any file and data in the computer or internet environment electronically, to open an electronically signed file and validate electronic signature. For Software and application developers, TURKTRUST provides e-signature component (API) developed with Java and C++ that supply to quickly integrate e-signature in our software. And also TURKTRUST provides e-signature integration solutions for all kinds of software and application, and e-signature and information security training and consultancy services in the field at home and abroad.

TURKTRUST is the one and only local ECSP that its root certificates are recognized to Windows Programs by Microsoft. In this way, it have created user friendly for especially TÜRKTRUST Secure Server (SSL) Certificate users. TURKTRUST is the one and only provider of "secure server certificate (SSL)" as an ECSP, provides Secure Server Certificate (SSL) services in appropriate circumstances and technical assistance in order to support the e-commerce and e-business applications.
TURKTRUST, a subsidiary company of Turkish Armed Forces Elele Foundation (www.elele.org.tr). Income of our foundation is based on Voluntary donations made by citizens and has been operating to not help to people, to establish and support the facility. Its subject is facility not a person. Facilities is made and supported by TAF ELELE Foundation:

  • TAF Rehabilitation and Health Center / Ankara / TURKEY
  • Gazi Adaptation Center / Ankara / TURKEY
  • Ali Çetinkaya Rehibilitation Center / Ayvalık / TURKEY

TURKTRUST, is configured to serve in field of reliability, impartiality, technical and physical infrastructure, security system, expert staff, fully developed the national programs by itself and Information Security Management Standard Certification (ISO 9001) that is a valid Certificate from the nations, Quality Management Standard Certification (ISO 9001) with the electronic signature, electronic certification and time-stamp services, and is leading company of our country and sector.