SSL Secure Server Certificate


11:40 GMT+2, January 04, 2013

TURKTRUST has been delivering SSL certificate services since 2005 and is the first and soul local establishment that has certified its SSL certificate services in compliance with the “ETSI TS 102 042 CA Management System Standard” on December 20, 2011.

TURKTRUST is also the only Turkish establishment that has entered the trusted root certificate list of many internet browsers and mobile device manufacturers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Apple Safari, and RIM.

Before “ETSI TS 102 042 CA Management System Standard” certification took place, our systems were subject to upgrades and improvements between May-November 2011. In the course of this process, two faulty SSL certificates in the same production package were issued due to a defective data migration and software upgrade process. Upon the notification of the Internet browsers on December 26, 2012, one of the faulty certificates, that had been valid by then, was immediately revoked. All our systems were explored in depth and the root cause of the problem was identified. The data revealed that the instance was unique, and restricted only to this case. There is also no evidence of any attack or hacking attempt on our systems, as well as no implication of any malicious usage.

Since December 2011, the strong and trustworthy infrastructure of TURKTRUST, which has been certified in compliance with the international standards, certainly ensures preventing any kind of similar events. TURKTRUST sustains with absolute determination to serve as a prominent worldwide CA.

Here and thereafter, invaluable support and kindness of our customers shall remain to be our most valuable asset.

Kind Regards,