TURKTRUST SSL Secure Site Seal

You can benefit from our dynamic Verification services connected to SSL Seal which will be connected to your SSL Certificate. TURKTRUST SSL seal you will use within your web site will increase trustworthiness.

You can add TURKTRUST SSL Seal logo and Verification window by using the code below.

<a href="#"><img src="https://www.turktrust.com.tr/LOGO" border="0" onClick="window.open ('https://www.turktrust.com.tr/SSLValidator.jsp?rsel=SERİNO', 'mywindow','width=450,height=600')"></a>

To be able to use above code; you can use any of TURKTRUST SSL Seal logo located within our SSL page for "LOGO" section; also, you should enter the serial number of your TURKTRUST SSL Certificate for "SERİNO" section.

To get help about SSL logo usage, you can contact our technical help department at 0850 222 4446 or write to ssl@turktrust.com.tr

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